I specialize myself by combining my knowledge of 2d and 3d animation with my own holistic style. I’m particularly specialized in creating visuals for live events.
I participated in a diverse variaty of projects, from classical projects to video productions and from big dance parties to rock-concerts.
I thrive to deliver mindblowing animations that uplift your event.

I always have been facinated by emotions and how they can influence the way we perceive the world. Since young I started to collect my own emotions in the form of drawings. In my teenage years I developed love for animation and film making and inspired by Freud and Jung, started a dictionary of visual representations of how a emotions feel to me. I ended up graduating from the Rietveld Art Academy of Amsterdam and currently work computer animating and performing my animations as a Video Jockey (VJ) or using them in art instalations.

Last years I worked at different events and festivals. I made animations for concerts, fashion show, dance parties and festivals. I love to organize events myself. I host events that combines dance and mindfulness into a strange experience where people can both contemplate, celebrate and connect.
Examples of commercial customers I’ve had are ThiemeMeulenhoff, TopFlora and Hema.
I also designed a tour of Lois Lane and styled titles and animations for mystery land, RockSteady and various fashion shows.


*Nomination International Videofestival Bochum, special mention 2009
* Nomination Vision Impossible Troffee Gouden Kabouter beste vj, 2008
* 18th world best vj , according to DJMag, 2007
* Finalist Visual Sensations 2006,
* Finalist VJOLIGY 2005,
* Rocket Clip Competition, special mention 2004