Zanne Bekirovich (video-art),
Huba de Graaff (compositie),
Bart Visser (regie, installatie),
Caroline Cartens (zang)

The Evolution is an opera about the struggle of a girl called Pooky, who was created by the merge of a lot of animals. Once a worm and a jellyfish united and formed her digestive system. She was build up out different lifeforms. But one day she fell in love and her heart got broken. She longed to unity again, but instead of connecting she had choosen to become simple, and she gradually lost all her animal identities untill she was a single fish. At last she was a fish merged into a single cell and than she disapeared in the abyss of nothingness..

This all hapends after Pooky locked herself up after her computer. What hapends to us if the computer is our only means to communicate? Can we evolve by by Auto-Imitation?
In this short-Opera singer Caroline Cartens is totally lost in her own avatar, yet she goes through imitation evolutionary transformations. She evolves back from man to beast into a kind of singing lancet fish, and finally a primitive unicellular emotionally stupid pixel.

On a specially designed screen the viewer sees Pooky, through the eyes of video art artist Zanne Bekirovic. Opera singer Cartens live follows the visible bizarre evolutionary “development of her avatar / alter-ego. Her voice is lower and longer and more animal than getting smaller and thinner, eventually zooms to digital sound-pixels.