Kish Game






giving is a way to surprise yourself. By giving something you create a space between yourself and an other. In this space anything can emerge. It’s the void of possibilities.  You give yourself the chance to be seen.
I am an artist and I love drawing. I have created a game that is based on giving. You play it by giving eachother pictures that fits to the other. Sometimes this can be funny and confronting. The pictures that you received tells you how the others see you. You get mirrored by them.
I went to the park. Fortunately it was a beautiful day. I played the game with friends and with people I did not know (but got to know) . It was very intimate and cozy.
Throughout the game there are also memories that arise in people. it’s fun to talk about this together.
The last level you can win by  answering  a question.
These are questions I  have always been very curious about, but in a normal situation I’m too shy to ask directly.  Like: What is the difference between pleasure and happiness? Can we use violence to achieve a non-violent situation?  Does everything happens for a reason?